Lorna White

Making life easier

Lorna White
Making life easier

Whether you’re living with dementia, or caring for someone who is, there are many practical products that can help make life that little bit easier.

A dementia diagnosis can be incredibly hard, both for the person living with dementia and their loved ones. But it’s important to bear in mind that there is help out there. While many people might have heard about the different caring services available to someone with dementia, you might not know about some of the more practical and affordable products you can get to help you in your own home, which are even available from your local pharmacy. 

There for you day and night

Betterlife, from LloydsPharmacy, has teamed up with Unforgettable to offer products and services designed specifically to help people living with memory loss and dementia, and those that care for them. 

Unforgettable was set up by James Ashwell who cared for his mum when she was diagnosed with early onset dementia. James wanted to make it easier for people on the dementia journey to access products that might help. 

Now Unforgettable offers a wide range of products that can help your loved one really enjoy life and be more independent. From the moment you wake up to when you’re heading to bed, they offer products to support you throughout the day such as cutlery and crockery designed to make enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner easier, as well as aids to help someone living with memory loss drift off to sleep at night. Or if your loved one is getting lost, perhaps you could try their Simple GPS Tracker to give you peace of mind. It can be worn as a necklace or attached to your loved ones clothing. The Simple GPS Tracker links to your smart phone so you’ll never have to worry where they are again. 

Or if time orientation is a struggle the 2-in-1 day clock is perfect. With a clear 8 inch display it shows the time of day, such as morning, afternoon or night and the date. Or the display can show a 12 or 24 hour clock which helps keep things simple and reduces reasons to feel confused or anxious. 

Rediscover old joys 

But it’s not just the practical stuff they can help with. Unforgettable has a range of products that can help you recapture those forgotten joys or discover something new that helps raise a smile. Just like the Shining Star Cube, a simple device that sends out calming sounds and a beautiful spectrum of coloured lights to help bring your stress levels down and welcome in a more restful mood, ideal to use just before bed. 

The Unforgettable Book – A Family Guide to Dementia 


Brought to you by the specialist team at Unforgettable, this book supports those people who are caring for a loved one living with dementia. Whether they are newly diagnosed or already on the journey, this guide will help you understand and manage changing behaviours, understand practical legal information and provide support around the daily challenges you may face.

£7.99 Betterlife from LloydsPharmacy 

  • Visit your local LloydsPharmacy for more information. To shop the full range visit betterlife.co.uk online today