Make the perfect looking bouquet

Make the perfect looking bouquet

Here are some easy steps to remember when making a bouquet…

  1.  Always recut stems on a slant and place them in 2 or 3 inches of warm water for an hour before arranging
  2. Remove any leaves which may be submerged in water
  3. Place the tallest thinnest plant material to make an outline shape, and then begin to fill in with larger plant material.
  4. Your flowers should be the focal part of your design so place the largest and brightest in the centre towards the bottom of the arrangement, and fade the colour out to the edges

Our lovely experts who will be giving classes in flower arranging at Yours Live have demonstrated and taught in all types of establishments from stately homes to caravans and have a wealth of funny stories as well as tips to help you such as how to make those supermarket bunches last longer!

By step by step demonstration, you will also be able to complete a hanging for a door or wall which will last well into the New Year and will be easily transportable.

Just to tempt you, what would you do when faced with 1,000 roses? Yes I do mean 1,000…

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