Lizzy Dening

How would you like to be remembered?

Lizzy Dening
How would you like to be remembered?

Do you ever think about how you’d like to be remembered by your friends and family after you die? It might seem a bit of a strange thing to consider, but a recent poll found that we actually tend to have quite strong views.

The trait we most want to be remembered as having is trustworthiness, with 60 per cent of us choosing it – beating even kindness at 58 per cent. 

The survey of almost 2,000 Brits was organised by Yours partner Avalon Funeral Plans, and revealed that one in 10 participants wanted to be remembered as good-looking and six per cent as sophisticated. 

A surprisingly low 45 per cent were worried about being remembered as a good parent, while 42 per cent wanted to be remembered for their intelligence.

What kind of funeral do you want?

When it comes to planning a send-off, the poll participants had some clear ideas here too. More than half wanted to be cremated, while only 21 per cent wanted a burial. 

More than half (61 per cent) wanted a celebratory send-off, with lots of laughing, and 39 per cent want their loved ones to wear colourful clothing.


Who do you want to attend your funeral?

Sadly, the poll highlighted some family rifts, with eight per cent not wanting their own brother there, and 10 per cent wanting an ex-partner banned.

When it comes to funeral music, Robbie Williams’ Angels is top of the list.

The research was commissioned by Avalon Funeral Plans, whose customers are able to buy funerals at today’s prices for a one-off cost or through instalments, meaning they could save their families thousands.

“Death is something that happens to everyone,” says Avalon Commercial Director, Jo Darbyshire. “If people do not plan for it there’s a real danger of leaving loved ones struggling to deal with finances, even borrowing money at high interest rates, at one of the most distressing times of their lives.

“It’s not just about money though, as it’s also hugely healing for families to know that they are giving someone the send-off they wanted.”

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