Lizzy Dening

It's time to plan ahead

Lizzy Dening
It's time to plan ahead

From taking care of loved ones to protecting your finances, read on for why a funeral plan is so important
Planning ahead for when you’re no longer here can make a huge difference for your loved ones. Making a funeral plan now, while you’re well and able to, could protect your family from a lot of worry and ensure you have the send-off you’d always wanted when the time comes. Read on for five key reasons why we feel it’s so important.
1 Beat rising costs
Did you know the average cost of a funeral is £4,078?* But with funeral prices soaring by around 5 per cent each year, the cost looks set to go up and up. With a proper funeral plan in place you can be sure that you’re protected against rising costs as you can fix the funeral director’s fees and services at today’s prices. What’s more, by paying for everything in advance in a one-off payment or monthly instalments, you can be sure your family won’t suddenly have to struggle to find thousands of pounds to cover your funeral in a short period of time, and what a relief that would be. 
2 Protect your loved ones
If you’ve lost someone close to you, you’ll already know how much time and effort is involved in arranging a funeral. But your plan could spare your partner, children or other family members having to make all the decisions at what is already an upsetting time. 
3 Make your own choices
By arranging a funeral plan, you’re in the driving seat to make all the decisions about your last wishes yourself, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be carried out just as you ask. This means your loved ones can get on with fulfilling your wishes without having to guess what you’d have wanted. 
4 Record your wishes
As well as sorting the essentials elements of your funeral in advance, you’ll also have the opportunity to decide on any other wishes you have, such as the flowers, music and dress code you would like at your last send-off. 
5 Lifelong peace of mind
Perhaps more important than anything else, a plan will help give you the peace of mind that the choices you make today will one day make the most difficult of times for your family so much easier.  

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