Deal of the day - Save on gas & electricity bills with Yours Switching

Nine out of 10 households haven't switched their energy supplier or tariff in the past year, according to Which research. This means that millions of us will still be paying hundreds of pounds a year more than we should on our gas and electricity. 

Standard energy deals, the kind that you will be on if you don't shop around regularly, are hundreds of pounds more expensive a year than the cheapest deals available you see. So if you're one of those nine in 10 households, it really is time to tackle your energy costs.

Save ££s with the Yours collective switch campaign

Yours is here to help

We’ve partnered with whole-of-market price comparison site to bring you the Yours Big Energy Switch, a collective switch campaign that groups Yours readers together to get the best deal on your gas and electricity.

How does collective switching work?

You register your interest in taking part in the programme, which is free and carries no obligation to switch. We then use these registrations to negotiate with suppliers who bid to offer a winning deal to our readers' group. This is an easy way to acquire new business for suppliers, so they typically can offer better deals than are currently available on the open market to members of collectives.

How much will I save?

We won't be able to tell you the details of the winning deal until February 15, 2016 however, our last collective saved switchers an average of £247 a year compared to a typical bill. Just think what you could do with that money in your pocket instead of your suppliers!

Register now to save

So don’t delay, take the few minutes needed to fill in our simple registration form now. Registration is free and carries no obligation to switch, however it must close at midnight on February 14, 2016 and we can only show the winning offer to those that registered prior to that time. Don't miss out!

  • Register online here or call 0800 008 7777.