The best gift is a chat

The best gift is a chat

Make the most of family gatherings this festive season to talk with loved ones about the plans that matter the most

Away from the hurly burly of everyday living, one of the joys of life is to sit down and chat with loved ones about things that really matter to us. Christmas is an ideal opportunity to do just that when very often all the family under one roof. But one topic of conversation that’s really important to address while you’re all around is if your parent or loved one has made a funeral plan. 

Having this chat is the best way of making sure your family member or friend knows how they can ensure they have the final chapter they really want. It’ll also give you and your loved one the peace of mind that when the time comes, all will be taken care of. Broaching the subject of a funeral plan really doesn’t have to be a morbid experience and can actually be quite fun. One great way to kick-start the conversation is to make it a celebration of your loved one’s life and an opportunity for them to share how they would like to be said goodbye to and remembered.

Perhaps while the family are round you could ask everyone to have a look through old photo albums and reminisce over old memories. Encourage your loved one to share as much as they can about the highlights of their life and maybe pick out their favourite pictures that they may like to one day be displayed at their funeral service. 

You could even look through their music collection to find the songs they’d like played at their funeral or browse their library collection for a suitable reading, or even write your own original work together. Or if you have a Smartphone, Avalon Funeral Plan’s Lifelocker app is a brilliant way of planning all of this out in one handy place – and it’s all free!


Whatever you want to do to make this a celebration, it’s hugely important to emphasise to your loved one that setting up a proper funeral plan is the best way of ensuring that they can have the send-off they want and deserve. Given recent research* suggests almost half of all people want to be remembered as a good parent, if your loved one is your mum or dad, it may be worth mentioning that a funeral plan is a great way of ensuring that you, their children, are protected, both financially and from the upset of having to guess what their last wishes would be.

While it’s understandable that no one likes to contemplate the death of a loved one, it is practical to consider what happens next. In recent research*, 69 per cent said it was sensible to talk about funeral plans with family members but so often, it’s easy to let this conversation pass by unsaid.  

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