A fuss-free farewell

Direct cremation is the modern alternative to traditional funerals, offering a more personal goodbye. Here we tell you everything you need to know about the service 

Just as we all have our own unique relationships with people in life, it’s natural that we all have different ways of wanting to say goodbye when the time comes. So while a traditional funeral with a proper service in a church or crematorium might be your choice for a farewell, it’s not right for everyone. That’s where a new service called direct cremation offers the choice for something a bit different so that you can celebrate a life how you want. 

What is direct cremation? 

Put simply, direct cremation – or immediate cremation at it’s sometimes called – is a basic cremation with no service performed at the crematorium. The person who has died is cremated at a convenient time, in exactly the same way as a traditional cremation but usually without any mourners present (although this can be arranged). The ashes can be hand-delivered back to the family to keep or lay to rest. This gives the freedom for loved ones to hold a separate celebration, memorial or ceremony at a time and place that’s right for them, unconstrained by the undertaker’s availability. A simple, inexpensive coffin and cremation fees are included. As you can choose which elements of a traditional funeral you want to pay for and which ones you don’t, it’s not required to buy an expensive coffin; a solid pine eco-coffin is often used instead. 

Why might I choose direct cremation? 

  • Cost: The Money Advice Service states that the average cost of a traditional cremation is £3,311 whereas direct cremation typically costs in the region of £1,000-£2,000 so it’s a significant saving. This is because you only pay for the essentials rather than the hearse, pricey coffin or a service. That means you can choose instead to spend money on the things that really matter to you, such as a big get-together for your family. 

  • Stress: Traditional funerals can be too much to cope with emotionally. Some of us find the formality of a traditional service upsetting and impersonal but direct cremation allows your family the chance to say goodbye and celebrate a life somewhere familiar. This flexibility about the venue gives you the chance to involve the whole family, even young children, in the event. 

If you prefer a more personal farewell when someone has passed away, then Pure Cremation will help you navigate this difficult time. 

How do I find out more? 

Pure Cremation offers a 24/7 service across England, Wales and Scotland. They also offer 100% guaranteed direct cremation plans, offering peace of mind that when the time comes, everything is taken care of, leaving your family free to say goodbye their way.