Claire WilliamsAvalon

‘A funeral plan made such a difference’

Claire WilliamsAvalon
‘A funeral plan made such a difference’
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When Lynne Allen sadly lost her beloved mum, Jean, the pre-paid funeral plan her mum had set up brought the family much comfort 

It’s only natural to find it hard to talk about funerals, especially with those you love. That’s why Lynne Allen initially found it so difficult to hear her lovely mum, Jean (both pictured below), discuss the funeral plan she’d just taken out. “At first, my youngest brother and I kept telling her not to be daft and that it wasn’t time to think about those kinds of things yet, but I could see how comforting it was for her to have it in place,” says Lynne, 59, from Cheshire. 

But when the time sadly came and Jean passed away aged 89, Lynne and her family took so much comfort from the planning her mum had already saved them all. “Straight away the funeral planner Avalon contacted the undertakers mum had chosen and they called me soon after. I felt as though I was being looked after and guided and I really needed that.”

Lynee and Jean

As Lynne started thinking about the funeral, she found her mum had already arranged exactly what she wanted – giving the family so much peace of mind that she’d get the send-off she’d hoped for. “I was grateful that I didn’t have to make some very hard decisions. I didn’t have to walk around looking at coffins, as mum had decided hers as part of the plan. The hearse was sorted, too, so I could focus on arranging extra bits, such as flowers and the newspaper notice. The funeral could have been so daunting to arrange but mum’s funeral plan took the weight off my shoulders. At the very worst time in my life, I was able to draw huge comfort from knowing her wishes were being carried out as she wanted.”

What’s more, Jean’s plan meant Lynne and her family didn’t have to worry about paying for the funeral. “Mum’s will is still going through probate which means we wouldn’t have been able to use her money to pay for the funeral so we were very relieved that most of the costs had already been covered by the plan”

Lynne is now keen to set up her own funeral plan to help protect her children in the future. “Having been through the process and seen first-hand what a difference a funeral plan makes to loved ones, we’ll be looking to make our own plans for the sake of our daughters and grandchildren. We would recommend Avalon to anyone.”

Why make a plan?

  •  In the last 12 months the cost of a funeral has risen by 5.5 per cent* but with a pre-paid funeral plan your costs are fixed. 
  • 93,000 people have taken on debts to pay for funerals*. A plan saves your loved ones from unexpected cost and stress.
  • 65 per cent of people believe following the wishes of the person that’s passed away is the most important part of a funeral*. With a funeral plan, it’s all sorted for your loved ones.

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