Your complete 2016 horoscope

Your complete 2016 horoscope

Our resident astrologer Lynne Ewart reveals what you can look forward to in the next 12 months...



Ruled by action planet Mars, you thrive on challenges, preferably set by yourself. You are someone who needs to lead the way, rather than to be too boxed in by a fixed regime. You love nothing better than to leap into action at short notice to be the hero for another. What you can’t bear is to be dependent on others, or to have to sit sweetly awaiting another’s instruction. Not for you a dull or boring life, and even if that madly impulsive and headstrong quality which often materialises in youth is toned down, the flames of passion for life’s adventures never quite do. 2016  brings fresh commitment to improving skills, fitness and surroundings.
PEOPLE & PLEASURES You’re often drawn to partners and pals who share your spirit of adventure, but who may be just that bit more “earthed” or practical than you are, although you do love to be with creative and fun-loving people, too. Aries often seems to encounter people with “star” quality, perhaps reflecting some of your own hidden talents. Don’t be afraid to have a “go” at the skills you so admire in others. Join that class, explore that interest a little further and never think the time has passed to tackle a new quest!
MAKE 2016… the year to learn or teach something that truly lights your spirit up.


Steady as an oak tree, you are that wonderfully calming person who everyone comes to when they feel unsettled or out of sorts. Harmony loving Venus rules your sign, and you really do a lot to keep life purring along smoothly, withstanding the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, weathering storms like that oak tree, but sometimes feeling the stress and finding it hard to handle, so try not to take on too much!  2016 is a year of opportunity to widen your circle of friends, and could bring several special  family celebrations.  Baby news could delight many a Taurean!
PEOPLE & PLEASURES Taurus is a sensual, comfort loving sign, and you love nothing better than a cuppa and a catch-up with favourite people.  Soothing is something you do a lot of ,so you’ll  need some of that back, too, to keep things balanced, and that comes in the form of good food and the company of light-hearted characters who, ideally, make you feel young and carefree! Dancing often appeals, and there’s often a flirtatious sparkle in the eye of a Taurean, ruled as you are by the love goddess herself, so  joining a dance class could be great for fun and friendship.
MAKE 2016… a year for reconnections and revivals that’ll bring you joy.


You are such an enigma, being born under the sign of the twins, one shy and one chatty. It often takes until midlife for a Gemini to fully blossom,  and to start celebrating rather than criticising those restless, ever curious, never quite “settled” traits, which actually keep you thoroughly fascinating to the rest of us! You stay so youthful because you are so busy looking at the next interesting idea that you rarely seem to have time to dwell on the past. Geminis are such fun. Everyone should know at least one. 2016 is about partnerships  and happy home making.
PEOPLE & PLEASURES Bold, adventurous people intrigue you, as do  artistic types. You’re at your happiest when quizzing someone about a person, place or event of interest , although few can keep up with your rapid fire questions! It’s not that you are a gossip, but you seem know everything that’s going on, and lively, sociable characters will always appeal, but you also connect with gentle home lovers who understand that you may be a butterfly, but you always fly home. An outdoor interest that gives a rush of fresh air, whether it’s walking, sailing, riding or skiing is good for your soul.
MAKE 2016… your time to get your home life working just right.


Your sensitivity makes you a wonderful friend, parent or lover. It also drives you nuts if you feel hurt or unsure of others. You have a tough outer shell for a reason. Once you let folk close you feel more vulnerable. But with maturity you discard the shell and live a little more hopefully.  You are one of life’s “feeders”,  often found in the kitchen,  clucking and caretaking. You see the past as a treasure chest of knowledge and  power, but find it hard to let go of feelings. 2016 has a mind uplifting quality,  great for developing useful skills.
PEOPLE & PLEASURES In friendship, you are someone who will be there in a crisis, supporting and providing soul food. Personally, you are drawn to careful characters who make you feel  secure and safe. Family will always be at the deepest core of your world, though, and if you have none, you’ll find friends who feel like family, people you’re completely at ease with, when your hair’s messy and you’re in your cosy clothes. You are very real, and you love to nurture folk, so your place will always feel homely and welcoming, and there’ll usually be food on the go! Photography and culinary classes might attract you.
MAKE 2016… the year you believe in a talent that enriches you.


You are someone who naturally radiates warmth and charisma, even if you’re one of those more self-conscious lions or lionesses, people gravitate to you, and your place is often where everyone wants to be. As a host you are exquisite, aware of what delights, and as a friend as well as in the role of parent you are generous and stubbornly, endearingly loyal.  2016 sees you achieving goals that might involve streamlining, either with resources or  in a physical sense. This will be a year of shedding what holds you back so you may well be making good health choices.
PEOPLE & PLEASURES Life needs to be lived fully when you are a Leo, and with positive, energetic characters who’ll inspire you to be all you can be and then some! You were born to shine, and for that light to warm the hearts of others.  Fine looking, well presented people attract you, but it takes a fine, sharp mind and an independent spirit to hold your attention for any length of time. Leo can be a performer or an artist,  but is usually someone who loves great shows , so interests that take you towards the arts and to drama can light you up.
MAKE 2016… the year you accept a life enhancing challenge!


The essential Virgoan is self-contained, always processing information,  soaking in the detail, senses alight. You are modest, careful and reserved, at least until you have fully assessed a person or situation. You are as capable of letting your hair down and dancing on the table as anyone else, but only if the circumstances feel comfortable. Virgo wants time to think, unless someone needs help, in which case you’re right there. 2016 is a year of liberation, letting go of the old, and of doors opening where you possibly thought there were none. Prepare to be surprised by your own panache.
PEOPLE & PLEASURES Much as you appreciate the efforts others go to in order to look fabulous, you really love to be with someone who’s travelled, learned and had strong life experiences.  Yes, you might have a giggle at the gossip, but mostly you’d sooner be impressed by achievements and by people who go the extra mile in life to do their best by themselves and others. Your love of fine detail might tug you towards crafting, and a writer’s workshop could intrigue you. Being an earth sign, it does your soul good to be in the outdoors, connecting with mother nature, too.
MAKE 2016… the year you decide to do something good for YOU!


As an air sign, you need time to think, to ponder every side of a question, which is why you can sometimes be found sitting on the fence, as your logical mind and your innate desire for easy harmony  tugs you always to seeing all the angles, never just one viewpoint. For that reason you can seem indecisive, but also make a lot of friends who hugely appreciate that breadth of vision. Libra, you are in a highly karmic “reward” phase, with good things coming your way when least expected. Luck will find you in some rather unusual ways as 2016 unfolds.
PEOPLE & PLEASURES Relationships matter hugely, and you are a gracious, courteous social creature who appreciates the feeling of being “balanced” by a partnership. Some Librans are single forever but have a special pal or pet who creates that balance. Gentle, clever minds attract you, and being ruled by Venus, you love art and beauty. Getting involved with something artistic or into a partnered or team activity can appeal. Librans are forever stylish, so you appreciate a well groomed mate. Nails need to be tidy too! Meeting friends for a chat over your favourite tipple, be it Cappuccino or Chardonnay  soothes your soul.
MAKE 2016… the year you listen to your intuitive self.


Ruler planet Pluto brings deeper life experiences to most born under  Scorpio. Upheavals and emotional turmoil often follow in your wake, and yet with each bump in the road, your strength, courage and resilience increases, as does your insight and, my goodness, your problem solving skills are second to none. You are the Phoenix. Never forget that. You arrived here on planet Earth already destined for times of rebirthing and for many fresh chapters. Not for you a dull life. 2016 brings significant wheeling and dealing, possibly career negotiations and perhaps a new financial or resource-seeking  role within a group.
PEOPLE & PLEASURES Scorpio appreciates trust, probably more than anything and you easily draw confidences from others, often in the most unlikely settings! You are a wonderful listener, and that will mean so much, all your life. Reiki and reflexology can attract, and you do love a good thriller, quickly guessing  “whodunnit”! You sometimes attract people whose lives are complex,  and although you are well equipped to handle challenges, it does  you good to be with people who make you giggle. Amateur dramatics can be a marvellous outlet for your fascination with human nature,  while your secretive “pokerface” is great for playing Bridge!
MAKE 2016… your year to shed something that’s been holding you back.


The classic Sagittarius is a positive thinker, rarely stopping to dwell on a problem, way too busy seeking the solution. Your nature tends to be open and direct, and you value your freedom so much, you need to be able to travel, to be on the move. Independence is always your intention, so you will do whatever it takes to stay fit and mobile!  You’re just the most fun when you’re full of enthusiasm for a new adventure, and you love the thrill of a new goal. 2016 brings a new role or title, and possibly a building project too.
PEOPLE & PLEASURES Cheery, bright and sunny natured folk light you up and gain your attention very easily,  while overly serious or sensitive characters tend to dim your light a little. You can be a wonderfully understanding friend who will give wise advice, but you  believe in keeping moving forward so you tend to like folk who, like you see the future as the adventure waiting to happen and the past as a story where you know the outcome, so it’s not as fascinating as galloping forwards. Travel, ideally across beautiful scenery, learning new things and being with knowledgeable people makes you happy.
MAKE 2016… the year you steer your way to a golden ambition.


Planet Saturn is associated with Capricorn because he’s all about timing, about looking before you leap, being security minded. Not for you is the fast fix or low cost merchandise that falls apart within months. You want your resources to go where they’ll  last longest. Capricorn seems serious when younger, perhaps carrying a great  weight of the expectations of  others, and you are a hard worker, but the older you get, the lighter your step becomes, and the more your sense of humour sparkles. 2016 is a good year for studying something you wished you’d learned more about, at school.
PEOPLE & PLEASURES You are a classy dresser as a rule, more elegant than trendy, often deliciously thrifty about recycling. Finding a cashmere coat in a charity shop could delight the typical Capricorn! You can come across as fairly reserved, whilst quietly getting the measure of another, but when you turn on the full beam of your charismatic charm, few have the defences that could resist you! The eyes of a Capricorn are rarely as serious as your demeanour! You are attracted to a steadfast mate who, ideally, can cook and who entertains well.  You do love stimulating chat over a nice meal!
MAKE 2016… a year to tap into underused  talents that’ll widen your horizons.


As an air sign, you have a hunger for knowledge  and you make connections with a wide eclectic  social circle,  needing lots of personal space to circulate. You love a cosy  home life, but you also crave the rush of fresh air and the stimulation of fresh ideas that comes from being out and about . Ruled by cranky Uranus, you can be opinionated and stubborn, but you can also be won over with clever humour! 2016 holds an eclipse path that could bring some unusual benefits by the autumn, affecting you either physically or financially, perhaps both.
PEOPLE & PLEASURES Mental pleasures are uppermost whether you are playing chess, quiz games or reading.  Aquarians usually read a lot, and you also tend to be one of the most technologically savvy characters, or if not, you’ll always know someone who’ll help you set up the latest tablet, e-reader or computer. To attract your interest  a potential friend or partner will have a clever mind combined with an independent, self-contained nature, someone who doesn’t need constant reassurance that you care. Aquarius  often has an affinity with both the people and the foods of the Orient, so Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese or Chinese restaurants could appeal.
MAKE 2016… a “retro” year as you revive old hobbies or revisit favourite haunts!


You are the intuitive dreamer who loves to drift into a world of imagination, being  swept away on a tide of emotion, appreciating nature, listening to music or immersing yourself in a movie. Yet you are often handed a life path that demands you have your feet on the ground, looking after others, overlooking yourself. In true Cinderella style though, your life will also contain moments of magic where kindnesses are rewarded when least expected. 2016 is a “reach for the stars” time, when the support of  good  people can spur you on to a fabulous achievement. Never say never!
PEOPLE & PLEASURES Ideally, Pisceans should mix with earthy, steady partners and pals, and you do, often finding lifelong friendships with those characters, but you are like a magnet, too, for those whose highs and lows in life  will take you on quite a rollercoaster ride, so partnerships tend to be quite eventful and even a little crazy at times, but never dull! You enjoy travel, and music and laughter, but friendly as you are, you also need to have peaceful little capsules of time every now and then where you can recharge your batteries in tranquil surroundings, maybe with a good book.
MAKE 2016…  your time to shine with pride in your own capabilities.

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