Who tops the list of our favourite period drama dreamboats?

Who tops the list of our favourite period drama dreamboats?

As we swoon over the 20th anniversary of Colin Firth's swimming scene in one of our favourite period films of all time, Pride and Prejudice, a new poll has revealed how the nation rate their period drama dreamboats.

And Mr Firth is still coming out on top. In the last 90 days alone, eBay.co.uk has seen more than 2,000 Colin Firth related items sold on site– that’s 22 every day, including signed photographs and DVDs as fans gear up for the return of Mark Darcy in the new Bridget Jones movie.

Meanwhile, Lady Chatterley star Sean Bean comes in at a close second according to the site's handsome hero sales with shoppers snapping up disks, box sets and autographs.

One of our teen crushes from the past also comes in at third place: the ‘actor of actors’, Laurence Olivier who starred as ‘Maxim’ de Winter in Rebecca and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. Loveable rogue and expectant father, Hugh Grant (from period classics Sense and Sensibility and Impromptu), meanwhile beats Scottish actor James McAvoy (Becoming Jane, Bright Young Things) to fourth place.

eBay.co.uk period drama hunk ranking (sales volume):

  1. Colin Firth
  2. Sean Bean
  3. Laurence Olivier
  4. Hugh Grant
  5. James McAvoy
  • But do you agree? Are there any other dramatic dreamboats who you think have been missed off the list?