Visit the View From The Shard's special summer garden

Visit the View From The Shard's special summer garden

The View From The Shard is worth a visit at any time of year, for its incredible views of London, but now there's an extra reason - a special summer garden in the sky! 

We paid a visit to the open air Skydeck - a whopping 800ft above the city - to sip English country garden-inspired cocktails (delicious) and enjoy the 360 degree views. It's a surreal feeling, being surrounded by lawns and blooming flowers, while towering above the capital - and one that's worth a visit this summer.

Fun facts:

  • The garden took 800 man hours to complete - that’s the equivalent of 533 football games
  • 80 snails were found whilst planting the garden, after enjoying the view all were released into a local park
  • Nearly 1,900 litres of soil was used - that’s the equivalent of 112 baths
  • Some naughty squirrels buried their nuts in some of the planters before they were brought up to the Skydeck on Level 72

Tickets start from £25.95 per adult and £19.95 per child.

Open until Sunday 18th September. Access to the summer garden is included in the standard ticket price. Book your Shard ticket here