The 10 best funny foodie place names

The 10 best funny foodie place names

The British Isles is full of places with weird and wacky names. And some of the very best take inspiration from our favourite pastime: eating.

Now cartography company, Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick (ST&G) have come up with their Slightly Overcooked Map of Tasty British Place Names, which features 100s of genuine place names throughout the land, full of sweet and savoury geographically placed morsels, proving that Britain really does know its Cockles (Northumberland) from its Mussel Point (Cornwall).

Here are ten of the funniest foodie spots from the map. Amazingly, they're all real. How many have you been to?

  1. Guzzle Down (Devon) – A wonderfully-named hill just inland from the world-famous English Riviera
  2. Greedy Gut (East Riding of Yorkshire) – A little-known channel of water, part of the otherwordly beauty of Spurn Point
  3. Rumblings (Shetland Islands) – Only a spud’s throw from the northernmost point of Britain
  4. Bakebare (Banffshire, Scotland) – Great mental imagery (and an idea for a new TV show?)
  5. Fryup (North Yorkshire) – Encompassing Great Fryup Dale and Great Fryup Beck – the perfect place for an early morning visit
  6. Teapot (Sterling) – A great place to stop off for a brew
  7. Nut Crackers (Devon) – A beautiful spot on Dartmoor
  8. Drunken Bottom (Oxfordshire) – There are many place names in Britain containing ‘Bottom’, and this is our favourite food & drink one
  9. Burgar (Orkney Islands) – This small island contains so many foodie places including Fillets, The Kettle, Stews, Dishes, Feastown and Barrel of Butter to name a few
  10. A tie between Belchford (Lincolnshire) and Burpham (there are two - Surrey and West Sussex)