Strictly Come Dancing Blog - Week Six

Strictly Come Dancing Blog - Week Six

Kicking off a spine-chilling week of creepy capers and ghoulish grooving were Sunetra and Brendan – thankfully his trousers held up better than on previous occasions, and were rip-free – performing a jive. Len felt it was ‘good but careful’, while Craig found it rather laboured. It’s clear Sunetra has great musicality, and her acting background means she has no problems getting into character, but she’s definitely stronger at certain dances than others. We’re still infatuated by her dreamy American smooth.

Next up was Kate Bush… oh no, wait, Alison. The buxom presenter performed a wafty American smooth inspired by the singer’s famous track Wuthering Heights. Alja� made a dashing Heathcliffe, while Alison was able to release her inner prima donna with plenty of drama and arm-waving. It received mixed reactions, but we think it was certainly a creative version of the dance, and we enjoyed the silliness.

Simon Webbe performed a spider-inspired paso with plenty of power – especially impressive for someone who has (perhaps undeservedly) been in the dance off twice. The judges obviously wanted to bolster his confidence after some hard knocks, with Len reiterating that Simon should never have been in the dance off – although he does need to refine his shaping.

Steve and Ola (at least, we think it was them under all that make up) were next with a rather complex Charleston to ‘Them Bones’. It was certainly quirky, but it soon became clear that Steve had forgotten some of the more basic steps – perhaps a result of his nerves about some up-coming lifts, including a tricky one-armed version. It clearly wasn’t his best performance, but the judges (even CRAIG) were surprisingly positive, and sympathetic to his struggles. We’re just over the moon he’ll still be there when we go to watch the show being filmed next week!

Pixie Lott’s tango followed – and my, that was some big hair! Aside from looking like she’d been electrocuted, we loved her feisty moves – as did Len, who admired the singer’s ‘verve’, but felt her right arm needed work.

Judy Murray and Anton ignored the old adage ‘never work with children or animals’ – and lived to regret it – bringing some very reluctant Dalmatians onto stage for a Cruelle De Vil themed American smooth. Bruno – who seemed in a particularly cruel mood this week – compared her to a rescue dog learning to walk. Ouch. He added, in case she hadn’t got the message, that she always delivers what is expected of her…absolutely nothing. Could next week be her last in the competition?

Jake’s paso left the judges similarly unmoved, with Craig and Darcey disappointed with his cape work. Supportive Len loved the character he brought to the dance, and in fairness it’s only because he can be brilliant that their expectations were so high. We’re SO excited to see him life next week.

Caroline and Pasha danced a rather odd 1970’s themed samba, which weirdly worked for us. It wasn’t her best dance (nor her worst) perhaps because it was over-polished, according to Darcey.

Next was an Addams Family inspired foxtrot from Scott, which – even with our limited dance knowledge – didn’t entirely resemble the dance as we know it! Still it was good fun, thanks to Joanne’s creative choreography. Sadly this couldn’t save it from more criticism from the judges – although at least Craig acknowledged how much work Scott put into it in rehearsals.

Mark wowed us all with a brilliant jive, with spot on timing and wonderful kicks and flicks. The Essex boy seemed chuffed with the judges' responses – and so he should be, receiving a more-than-healthy 35 and even applause from Craig.

Rounding up the spooktacular was a green-faced Frankie in a tango tribute to the musical Wicked. We had shivers down our spine – as did Darcey – as Kevin’s choreography was truly marvelous. Or, as Craig would have it: Fab. U. Lous. She earned the first 10 of the season (aside from Donny Osmond’s 10 – also awarded to her) and the top score of 37.

Sadly, even spooky nights must eventually end, and this one culminated with Alison and Scott in the dance off. Scott had never stood a chance really, once the decision was down to the judges, and we feel they were probably relieved to see the back of the DJ. Were you?

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