Strictly Come Dancing Blog – Week Eight

Strictly Come Dancing Blog – Week Eight

This week we had some incredible routines, and it was clear that ballroom fever had spread to even the most reluctant dancers. The show kicked off (literally – those were some impressive kicks and flicks) with a lively quickstep from Frankie and Kevin. The dynamic duo effortlessly used the entire floor – no mean feat in the Tower Ballroom – and brought a rock ‘n’ roll edge to a traditional dance.  It was a fab start to the night, and the judges agreed, with Bruno commenting that she hadn’t put a foot wrong. Her reward? Two tens!

Next up was a drama-fuelled American smooth from Jake, which cemented our view that Janette is a rather brilliant choreographer. We loved the story of the jealous partner, and the addition of two extra male dancers, and thought it was a truly original version of a dance that’s usually pure Fred and Ginger. As Craig put it, it was “brilliant”, and the notoriously tough to please judge awarded them a 9.

Sunetra’s samba was sadly not quite as seamless. She’s never been as strong in the Latin as she is in the ballroom, and this routine seemed a little fast-paced and clumsy, especially when she’s up against such tough competition.

Next…wow, just wow. Was anyone else left open mouthed by Simon’s sexy Argentine tango? We had wondered whether it would fall a bit flat – after all, it’s not often shown since Flavia and Vincent departed the show, and is notoriously tricky. But we needn’t have worried. Thanks to Kristina’s wonderful choreography, the pair’s sizzling chemistry, and a rather amazing final lift, it was a tour de force. We loved it! And it earned an incredible three tens…plus an eight from stingy Craig.

Another improvement (although not quite as pronounced) was seen in Judy’s Viennese waltz. This routine had a sweet, whimsical feel, with balloons and kites – plus a gorgeous pink dress. The judges agreed it was her best so far, and awarded her two sevens.

Mark and Karen brought a quirky, fun-packed Charleston to the ballroom, which was so accomplished that Craig confessed he was falling in love. It scored a sweep of nines – very impressive for someone previously known as ‘Marky no moves’.

Pixie and Trent were passionate in a Roman-themed paso, which was, in Craig’s words: “full of skill”. He went on to add that the popstar was almost invincible on the dance floor, so it wasn’t surprising when she earned two tens.

Steve’s American smooth showed off his more gentle side, as he held back on his enthusiastic bursts of strength for a more polished performance. Darcey fel he kept it cool, controlled and clean, but wanted more “light and shade” from his performance next week.

Finally Caroline and Pasha performed a Rule Britannia-themed jive. Len described the presenter as: “class, fast and built to last”, while Craig praised her “military precision” – both of which will have helped to rebuild her dented confidence after last week’s dance off.


And if Ms Flack was concerned about this week’s showdown, she needn’t have been, as it was Judy and Sunetra who found themselves under the dreaded red spotlight. You couldn’t help feeling that Craig had been waiting for Judy to end up there, and almost relished giving her the (sequined) boot. For the boot it was, and Anton left another competition at the Blackpool stage.