Silver Swans™ ballet classes pointe to good health

Silver Swans™ ballet classes pointe to good health
  • The first Silver Swans™ workshop will be held at Dancing With Yours in Blackpool on Tuesday 9th September.
  • The Royal Academy of Dance wins funding for next wave of Silver Swans classes
  • Its new book explores the health and wellbeing benefits of dance

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) plans to roll out more Silver Swans™ ballet classes this year, following its hugely popular pilot programme in January, and the release of its new book, The Song of the Body: Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing.

This will be followed by five classes on 5th October in London, Eastleigh, Edinburgh, Manchester & Dartington, as part of Silver Sunday an annual day of fun and free activities for older people across the UK. Classes will then take place on a regular basis in the borough of Wandsworth, London, before expanding into other regions. 

The initial pilot programme, which included a wide style of classes for older dancers, was launched as part of the RAD’s Dance For Lifelong Wellbeing initiative, which highlighted the physical, social and emotional benefits of dance amongst older people ranging from their mid 50s to 100s! 

Now, as the leading international dance education and training organisation, the RAD is bringing out a new book (1st October), The Song of the Body: Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing, which builds on its ongoing academic research into this area and celebrates dance as a powerful means of enhancing health at all stages of life from the perspectives of the young through to older adults.   

Darcey Bussell, president of the Royal Academy of Dance, said: “It is so important that we get more mature people dancing both in London and across the UK as a way to keep healthy in body and soul, as displayed by the RAD’s Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing pilot studies. Whether you are tackling simple ballet steps or seated routines, dance can offer something for everyone at whatever level of agility. Moreover, dance classes are a fantastic way to socialise with other people in a fun and friendly environment, which is important at any age!"

Dr Anne Hogan, RAD’s Director of Education, added: "The RAD has seen an increasing demand for adult dance classes with a 70 per cent rise in new dancers in the past 12 months. This programme of new classes will open up opportunities to many people who recognise the health benefits that dance can bring but who may not have had the chance to try ballet, tap or ballroom before now.”


Classes in Battersea are available on the following dates:

Wednesday 24th September – 26th November 

11:30 – 12:30

Katherine Low Settlement, SW11 3HP

Wednesday 24th September – 26th November

2:00 – 3:00

Royal Academy of Dance, SW11 3RA

Thursday 25th September – 27th November

11:00 – 12:00 

Battersea Arts Centre, SW11 5TN


Classes in Roehampton are available on the following dates:

Thursday 25th September – 4th Decemeber (no class on 30th October)

2:15 – 3:15

60+ Café, Minstead Methodist Church, SW15 4EB

Friday 19th September – 28th November (no class on 31st October)


Regenerate Rise, The Platt Christian Centre, SW15 1DA


For further information or to register please contact Libby Costello 

Tel: 0207 326 8921, email: