Pink Shed Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness month

Pink Shed Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness month

We all know by now that October has long been dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer. But this year a rather unusual approach to the cause has tickled our fancy.

Easyshed, not content with simply making their donation to Breast Cancer Care, have dreamed up the 'Pink Shed' campaign.

Their quirky idea is to share their picture of a pink shed on Facebook, which will in itself raise awareness.

But, if there are more than 10, 000 shares of the image, then Easyshed will also create a range of pink sheds, available to buy! Their thinking being that, "sheds shouldn't just be for men."

Click here to find out more and share the picture. You can also add #pinksheds to any posts or tweets.

So come on, social media bods, get sharing to raise awareness and you might be able to bag a lovely pink shed for the garden soon...

...and in the meantime, visit to find out more about the UK-based charity at the heart of it all