Make a new friend in 2015...

Make a new friend in 2015...

Do you know someone who'd be grateful for a five-minute chat every now and again? Or, more importantly, could there be someone just around the corner who would love to share a cuppa and a biscuit?

National charity Friends of the Elderly are calling on you to sign up to their Be A Friend scheme, and set aside a little time for those to whom that time would mean a lot.

The charity suggests time-saving tips, like keeping your keys in the same place to save you searching for them, so you can then spend those extra few minutes reaching out to someone who is feeling lonely.

Simple, everyday interactions can stop people from feeling quite so isolated. That's especially important because loneliness has been proven to increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease and it poses just as much of a risk to our health as smoking. 

The idea is not just to keep an eye out. We can also share skills, swap recipes and perform any useful chores or DIY tasks. With a recent OnePoll survey confirming that more than one million people in the UK feel often or always lonely, now's our chance to make a difference.

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