How to help hedgehogs

How to help hedgehogs

If our recent article on the plight of British hedgehogs has inspired you to help 'hogs, there's a new nostalgic campaign you'll want to know about.
Working in conjunction with Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, drinks producer Belvoir Fruit Farms wants you to collect bottle tops - just as you might have done as a child.  With a nod to the classic Blue Peter milk bottle top campaigns, Belvoir is promising to donate £1 to Tiggywinkles for every one of their bottle tops (from Belvoir cordial or presse bottles) they receive – hoping ultimately to raise £5,000 for the animal charity that treats thousands of injured wild animals, including hedgehogs, every year.

Send your caps to:
Belvoir Fruit Farms Ltd.
Barkestone Lane, Bottlesford,
Every year in Britain, over five million wild animals are injured from their encounters with the human world.  Tiggywinkles has been treating and saving them since 1978 with a specialist hospital to treat and rehabilitate as many as possible.  Those that cannot be released back into the wild are given a home in the Tiggywinkles Visitor Centre gardens.
For a company that has largely built its reputation on its original elderflower cordial, for Belvoir the hedgerow is a major contributor to its success. However, since the Second World War, the UK’s ancient hedgerows have dramatically declined due to removal to increase field size and to make way for development. There are currently only about 450,000km of hedgerow left. This widespread loss of the traditional hedgerows is believed to be part of the reason behind the decline of the hedgehog, who as the name suggests would choose to live in the hedgerow.  In a recent survey, there are thought to be less than 1 million hedgehogs living in this country today, an estimated 30 per cent drop since 2013. 
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