Have your calmest Christmas yet

Have your calmest Christmas yet

If Christmas when you were younger used to leave you more frazzled than festive, you won't have been alone. Looking after small children, passifying relatives and making sure the turkey was done in time all make middle aged Christmas a tricky time. But the good news is that getting older helps to put things in perspective.

A recent survey found that those of us over 65 are the least stressed when it comes to festivities, with almost 70 per cent of us not spending any time at all worrying compared to just 16 per cent of 25-34 year olds.

Here's the list of the activities people find most stressful in the run-up to December 25, as compiled by Direct Line. We suggest making a cup of tea, popping on your slippers and being grateful you don't have to get your tinsel in a twist over any of it these days!

  1. Christmas shopping: 33 per cent
  2. Overspending: 33 per cent
  3. Christmas dinner going wrong: 23 per cent
  4. Wrapping presents: 20 per cent
  5. Family arguments: 20 per cent
  6. Picking the wrong gift for someone: 19 per cent
  7. Online presents not arriving on time: 17 per cent
  8. Weather conditions ruining festive plans: 16 per cent
  9. Forgetting to buy enough presents: 15 per cent
  10. Shops not having intended gifts in stock: 11 per cent
  11. Keeping the magic of Christmas alive: 11 per cent
  12. Forgetting an ingredient for the Christmas meal: 10 per cent

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