Have you had a morning mishap?

Have you had a morning mishap?

Mornings can be tricky for the best of us - and a groggy head can result in all sorts of mishaps.

The new research by Nestlé Cereals reveals that UK adults collectively fall victim to 23.5 million stubbed toes, over 36 million spilled cuppas and end up with their faces squashed into someone’s armpit over 11 million times as they battle the morning rush.
The research has also revealed many other morning mishaps that Brits face:
“Brushed teeth with cream instead of toothpaste”
“I went to work with my slippers on”
“Put dog food in my breakfast bowl instead of cereal”
“Put tea in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard”
“I swallowed the cat's pill instead of my own”
“I set out for school without my children”

Is anyone else reminded of our Senior Moments column?

Nestlé Cereals are on a mission to give Brits the lift they need in the mornings to improve their mood, and to remind people to smile at those disaster moments, embrace the chaos, and ultimately encourage the nation to overcome their morning mishaps with a #CerealLift.


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