Happy National Black Cat Day!

Happy National Black Cat Day!

They have a reputation for being unlucky, and it seems that when it comes to being rehomed there's some truth in the stigma for Britain's black cats. But it needn't be the case - charity Cats Protection have named October 27th National Black Cat Day to drum up some support for these under-dogs (under-cats?)

Black and black-and-white cats are the least popular when it comes to rehoming and take 13 per cent longer to adopt than their more colourful counterparts, says the charity, which started National Black Cat Day five years ago to address the issue.

Recent research conducted by Cats Protection shows that the myth that black cats are unlucky seems to be taking hold with the younger generation who perhaps are being influenced by American attitudes. A notable 12 per cent of those surveyed aged 18 to 24 stated that they think black cats are unlucky, while only two per cent of those aged over 55 agreed with this view.

In 2014, black and black-and-white cats accounted for almost half of all cats taken in by the charity and spent on average 52 days in care, compared to around 33 days for silver tabbies.

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