Gran does it best, even on hols

Gran does it best, even on hols

Grandmothers really are best at telling bedtime stories... it's official. Following OnePoll research in January, Alton Towers bigwigs discovered that grandparents are more confident in reading to children than parents, and that many children found their grandparents to be "more fun" at story time as a result.

Cue a trial of 'grannies for hire', or Insta-Grans, as they are better known (for their ability to crop up wherever and whenever needed, almost immediately!).

Families styaing at The Enchanted Village at Alton Towers can now request the services of these fab storytellers - not just to read stories, but also to babysit, knit, and make warm drinks before tucking the children in.

Even better, they'll leave behind a packet of good old fashioned Werther's Originals for the next day.

Insta-Gran Heather Scroggs says, "I've had decades worth of experience looking after little ones and so this job is certainly a pleasure. The best bit is tucking them into bed and sending them off to a magical dream world."

Sounds good to us!

The Enchanted Village opens at Alton Towers Resort in April 2015, featuring 120 woodland lodges and five treehouses. Insta-Gran services will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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