Easy recycling tips for your Christmas wrapping

Easy recycling tips for your Christmas wrapping

Did you know that the cardboard packaging we use every Christmas could wrap up Big Ben almost 260,000 times over? It's a shocking stastistic, but there's lots you can do to reduce your waste. 

All paper, including wrapping paper, is recyclable. The only types of wrapping paper that can’t go in the recycling bin are the shiny metallic and glitter varieties - if in doubt, test it out with the ‘scrunch test’ - if you scrunch the paper in your hand and it stays in a ball, it can be put into the recycling.
Here are some festive recycling tips from Recycle Now:
1.    Save space at home by dropping items at your local recycling centre – you can find your nearest stop on Recycle Now’s Recycling Locator at www.recyclenow.com
2.    Flatten cardboard boxes before recycling to save room in the recycling container
3.    Remove ribbons, bows and other adornments before recycling wrapping paper
4.    Make sure all food is out of card and paper packaging before recycling
5.    Remove card or paper packaging with glitter from your recycling containersRemember the scrunch test!

Recycle Now aims to help make recycling as simple as possible for people by providing information, tips and advice at www.recyclenow.com.