Don't be lonely this Christmas - let Yours help

Don't be lonely this Christmas - let Yours help

Christmas is a busy time for many people but if we’re expecting to spend it alone it can be a tricky time of year. Age UK estimates about 450,000 will be spending this Christmas alone year.

We at Yours think no one should be by themselves at Christmas – unless they want to be!

If you’d love to have company why not let Yours help you find a friend to spend Christmas with? In Issue 233 (on sale Nov 24) we will dedicate our regular Friends of Yours pages to ‘Christmas Friends’ to try to bring people together. It will be packed with people like you, all looking for a companion this Christmas.

If you’d like the chance to place an appeal (it’s completely free) simply fill in the coupon in the next issue (out September 29th) and tick the ‘Christmas Friends’ box. We expect a big response so get your coupon to us before October 12, 2015. Space is limited so we can’t guarantee publication for everyone but we’ll try to fit in as many as we can.

For confidentiality all appeals printed will be allocated a box number and any replies will be forwarded on free of charge.