Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is fun for all the family

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is fun for all the family

We're all familiar with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl's wonderful story of what happens when a small boy dares to dream and greedy, spoilt children get their just desserts.

If you enjoyed the original book or either of the film adaptations (the 1971 classic staring Gene Wilder, or Tim Burton's more recent version staring Johnny Depp) then I can assure you the stage production won't disappoint. Director Sam Mendes (who won an Academy Award for American Beauty) has assembled a truly brilliant cast and crew who bring the story to life in the most remarkable way.

All of the iconic scenes that you’d expect to see are there: Augustus Gloop shooting up the chocolate pipe, Violet Beauregarde turning into a blueberry and Mike Teavee being shrunk to just a few inches high. They are all as colourful, bright and brash as you’d expect and they contrast brilliantly with the gentle interplay between young Charlie Bucket and his family – which is delightfully warm and touching.

The sets and costumes are so inventive and the staging is truly spectacular – you really feel that you've been transported to a magical place where anything could happen!

The songs are all new, specially written by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman who co-wrote the songs for Hairspray. They are varied, catchy and absolutely central to the plot – helping introduce characters, move the story along or, through the Oompa-Loompas, offering salutary lessons for naughty children.

The one song you will probably recognise is Pure Imagination (from the original film) – used to great effect in a wonderfully moving scene between Charlie and Willy Wonka.

This Olivier award-winning musical has to be seen to be believed – a deliciously dark tale, bought to life in the most spectacular way.

Charlie and the Chocolate factory is booking now at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London, WC2B 5JF

Box office: 0844 412 4648

  • Ticket prices vary from £17.50 to £70
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