Are you typically British?

Are you typically British?

As commissioned by a Tetly poll

•    Wearing summer clothing at the first sight of sun
•    Apologising automatically
•    Ability to talk at length about the weather
•    Making a cup of tea in response to a crisis
•    Finding queue-jumping the ultimate crime
•    Forming a queue for pretty much anything
•    The typically British 'stiff upper lip'
•    Grumbling throughout a meal, but not telling staff so as not to cause a fuss
•    Making sarcastic/dry jokes
•    Having a beer at the airport even though it's before 8am
•    Giggling at innuendos
•    Making a cup of tea when you have no time to drink it
•    Getting sunburnt on the first warm day of the year
•    Finding the American forwardness 'a bit much'
•    Avoiding eye contact on the tube
•    Binge drinking at the weekends
•    Insisting the other person goes through the door first
•    Searching for a fry-up when on holiday abroad
•    Mistaking brightness for warmth
•    Finding nothing better than a bacon sandwich
•    Not asking for help so as not to 'put anyone out'
•    Insisting the barbecue will still go on despite rain
•    Bringing out fancy biscuits on a plate for visitors
•    Feeling extremely patriotic during sports events
•    Indulging in a pint and a packet of crisps
•    Reading newspapers in the morning
•    Feeling at home to the tune of EastEnders or Coronation Street
•    Wearing extra layers rather than putting the heating on
•    Feeling appreciative that the person in front put the 'next customer' barrier on the conveyor belt
•    Doing anything possible for a light tan
•    Owning a picnic hamper but only ever using it once a year
•    Starting a controversial statement with 'I'm not being funny, but...'
•    Being vague about your plans rather than decline an invitation
•    Thanking someone when you've done them a favour
•    Not correcting someone when they pronounce your name wrong
•    Loving your cat/dog more than your child
•    Searching your pockets when asked for spare change
•    Feeling extreme excitement over a Sunday roast dinner
•    Having mixed feelings towards the ill colleague who is still coming to work
•    Being skilled in writing a letter of complaint

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