60, 000 floral bouquets to find

60, 000 floral bouquets to find

It's a lovely way to brighten any day: a bunch of beautiful flowers.

Now, to coincide with National Flower Arranging Day on May 1, NAFAS (the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies) will be spreading flower power, by scattering bouquets across the UK.

Known as 'Lonely Bouquets', the flowers are intended as a goodwill gesture, free to whoever might happen across them - whether that be on a park bench, the doorstep of a shop, or a well-known landmark. The idea is to bring a smile to someone's face who might need it.

This is the second year the scheme has been running, and last year's feedback was overwhelming. Sue Brinton, Chairman of NAFAS, says: "the responses from those who received bouquets was incredibly personal and very emotional. From a woman undergoing treatment for breast cancer who interpreted her blooms as a sign of hope, to a man who found a posy of 36 flowers on the day of his 36th wedding anniversary, which he gave to his wife!"

As with last year, anyone who finds a Lonely Bouquet is encouraged to post a message back to NAFAS, to let them know it has found a happy home. Recipients may tweet @NAFAS_flowers with #nafasthelonelybouquet, or visit their Facebook page.

Alan Titchmarsh is just one of the famous faces championing the scheme. He says: "I can't think of a nicer way to bring sunshine into someone's life, especially if it is unsuspected."

So, keep your eyes peeled throughout May - you may receive a bloomin' lovely surprise!

For information about NAFAS and joining your local flower club, visit their website, www.nafas.org.uk

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