Shanghai travel on test: our reader goes on a Chinese adventure

Shanghai travel on test: our reader goes on a Chinese adventure

Why did you choose Shanghai?

I was returning from Australia with my friend Maggie. We wanted a three-day stopover and the exoticism of China appealed to us.

What were your first impressions?

Shanghai is crowded and noisy but a place of wonder and contrasts. For example, we stepped off a busy street straight into the quiet of the Jin'an temple. As we stood in front of the huge, solid silver Buddha we felt at peace - even though we were completely surrounded by skyscrapers.

When time is limited what must you do?

Shanghai's ultra-modern metro took us to The Bund, a raised walkway following the Huangpu River's statues and busy river traffic. We also visited the nearby ancient teahouse, and beautifully restored Peace Hotel. For shopping, visit the Nanjing Road. A tourist bus starts  an interesting city centre tour from there too.

Where did you go to see the old Shanghai?

We took a taxi to Qibao ancient town. The streets are narrow and lined with stalls selling everything from food to handicrafts. Old Chinese houses, with their curved roofs, clutch the banks of a canal.

What about the food?

Local restaurants are only for the truly adventurous. Included on the menu were, for example, fried snails and lamb's entrails. We ate in various hotels, which all served excellent cuisine, and McDonalds was never far away!

What was the highlight?

No visit to China would be complete without a trip to the theatre to see an acrobatic show.  The hotel manager booked it for us and it turned out to be the most amazing show we had ever seen!

Taxis are cheap but drivers don't usually speak English. Ask hotel staff to write down destinations.


  • Shanghai is on China's east coast. It's the largest city by population in the world.
  • It was cold and wet in February. Try visiting in May or June!
  • Sheila booked her stay with The Flight Centre and flew with China Airlines. For further information and to book, call 0800 587 0058 or visit
  • The city is not particularly wheelchair-friendly. Streets are crowded and traffic does not give way, but the metro has disabled facilities.

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