Seven summer sins

Seven summer sins

1. Shirtless men!

We all like the feel of the sun on our skin, but for some gents as soon as the temperature gets higher they think it is OK to stroll around shirtless wherever they are. We would rather they popped a T-shirt on if they are walking round the shops – and definitely in cafés or restaurants. And it’s not about whether they look good; we’d ask George Clooney to put his shirt on in a restaurant (probably!).

2. Barbecue fumes

You are doing a bit of afternoon gardening and get engulfed in a cloud of fumes from a nearby barbecue. Yes, it is lovely to entertain outdoors, but those people who don’t think where they site their barbecue, or how to get it going without creating smoke of bonfire proportions, aren’t our favourite people – especially if we’ve not been invited! Afternoon barbies should really be for neighbours to get together. Nobody minds a little smoke if they're getting a burger, too...

3. Wrong weather forecasts

You’re deciding whether to eat indoors or outdoors –  and turn to the weather forecast to help you make that decision. Except the fair weather promised for Saturday doesn’t arrive until Sunday and poor Dad or Granddad is forlornly grilling under an umbrella while the rest of us cluster damply in the kitchen. Is it so impossible to give us an accurate guide for just five days ahead?

4. Blaring car music

Perhaps it’s because we simply aren’t used to the hot weather that we become over-excited when it arrives. That would explain why some people love to drive with all their windows wound down and music blaring out. The base thuds so loudly that it sounds like an explosion to those of us of a nervous disposition.

5. Summer clothes shortage

Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking you can buy outfits for a high summer holiday in high summer. Shops will be full of autumn’s woollies and wraps and anyone looking for a pretty dress or sandals will find themselves consigned to the sales racks with little choice and few sizes. Please, M&S and others, can we have summer clothes in summer for once?

6. Litter

Aah, those wonderful warm nights when you can stroll out of doors and sit outside the pub until closing time. But take a walk the next morning and empty drinks cans, takeaway boxes and even disposable barbecues litter the streets, while park benches are surrounded by rubbish. Sadly outdoor living means stacks of outdoor litter too.

7. Drought of good TV

If you aren’t into sport or pop festivals, it’s been lean pickings on the viewing front this summer. You can’t pull the wool over our eyes. Whether programme makers try to sell it to us as iPlayer, itv3, itv ENCORE or Alibi, they are all still just repeats.

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