New 'choose your own room' service launched

New 'choose your own room' service launched

Almost half of us has had to change hotel rooms after checking in, while many of us feel anxious before we arrive about the specifications.

But there's no need to cause a fuss thanks to Thistle Hotels' new service, which lets you choose your own room at its Euston Hotel. You can select your room online, taking a 360 degree virtual tour and even getting a sneak peak of the view from the windows.

Behavioural Psychologist Jo Hemmings says: "Complaining really isn’t in our national psyche so the anticipation of not liking our room, or even worse, it not meeting our partner’s expectations really can make us feel anxious and out of control – particularly when we're outside familiar surroundings and away from home. Airlines have long put us in control before check in by letting us choose our own seats, so if we are staying the night somewhere, a system where travellers can really visualise where they’ll be waking up is a big move forward which should help combat first night nerves and help many relax into their trip without being worried about a row."

To try the service, click here


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