How to save money on a cruise holiday
  • Look out for repositioning cruises

Whenever a cruise ship changes its homeport, it will take a repositioning cruise from its old home to its new one. Rather than sending the ship over with empty cabins, many cruise lines sell them at a cut price. This is an opportunity for cruise fans to grab a fantastic bargain.
This type of cruise does mean that you’ll see more of the sea than multiple destinations, but you’ll still enjoy all the same amenities on-board the cruise ship.

  • Sign up to newsletters

Signing up to travel agents’ newsletters and mailing lists can help you keep informed of the latest cruise deals to your preferred destinations. As cruise companies are desperate to sell all their cabins aboard every trip – they may allow specialist cruise travel agents to offer low prices to fill them up.
Even if you hate sales emails clogging up the inbox – this tip could help you save hundreds on your next holiday. Cruise deal specialist Cruise1st  packages its best deals into a weekly email to save you time searching.

  • Third party excursions

Cruise lines will offer their own excursion packages, and local guides will congregate at the port to welcome you. However, these options can often be quite pricey and not always the best option.
Booking with a specialist third-party cruise excursion company such as Cruising Excursions can help you make great savings and ensure you enjoy the perfect port experience.

  • Enquire about gratuities

The vast majority of cruise lines charge their passengers a standard gratuity rate every day, which gets added to their total bill. The amount charged can change by the cruise line, so be sure to check how much you will be charged before committing to a deal, as this could have significant impact upon your total spend.
Almost all cruise lines give you the option to cancel your gratuities – although it is worth considering how hard the on-board crew work to ensure you enjoy an unforgettable cruise.

  • Don’t wait for exchange rates

Unless you’ve booked a last-minute deal, chances are you’ll have plenty of time to organise your holiday money. The vast majority of cruise ships primarily deal in dollars – so you’ll have to change your sterling for hard-to-identify green bills. Rather than wait until the last minute to exchange your money, strike when the exchange rate seems to be the most favourable.
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