Ever thought of buying a holiday home?

Ever thought of buying a holiday home?

Whether it's a place by the sea, a retreat in the Lakes or an idyllic escape in the middle of nowhere, thousands of us Brits are joining in the craze for a holiday home. Somewhere that's full of all the little luxuries of home, but away from all the rush and push of normal life.

And it's a family affair, too. Holiday home company, Park Leisure, found one of the main reasons for investing in a holiday place was so that they could bring the whole family together with 72 per cent of owners admitting they have spent more quality time with their family since buying a holiday home. In fact, over half (52 per cent) of those asked claim owning a holiday home has actually improved relationships with their loved ones.

It's also a chance to relax as 64 per cent of holiday home owners say they feel less stressed now they have a holiday home to escape to.

We spoke to one holiday home owner, Sue Landricombe, 58, who retreats to her static caravan with her husband as a break from her busy job in a Plymouth hospital and to enjoy the fresh coastal air of Cornwall.

"We used to travel abroad every year, which cost us around £2,000 each year for a two week holiday. So after speaking with friends, me and my husband eventually decided to start shopping around holiday parks. We'd recently bought a lovely Jack Russell, Baily, too, and so we thought a holiday home might be a good way for him to come along on trips with us.

"As we didn't know how we'd feel about owning a caravan we decided to buy a second-hand one to start with for a cheaper price to see how we went on. We loved it so much we quickly bought our brand new holiday home. The place we got was at Par Sands in Cornwall. We chose that site because the grounds were beautiful and well looked-after. It also had a dog–friendly beach nearby that was so peaceful. 

 "It is the most relaxing holiday ever and the great advantage of owning our own place is that we can escape any time we want, rain or shine, whatever the season. 18 months ago my husband, Bob, had a heart attack, followed by surgery. While he's alright now, we've found coming to the caravan is great respite for him. His heart attack made us realise that life's short and you need to enjoy it. And we love doing just that down at our holiday home.

"Nowadays, we go down to the caravan as much as possible, usually every time I have days off. We love that we don't have to carry luggage back and forwards. And once we're there, we're in walking distance of everything we need, including the shops, a lovely local pub and the beach where we walk Baily.

"Having a holiday home is so much less stressful than travelling abroad and cheaper in the long run. I'd recommend it to anyone, just make sure you look into it first and like the park itself and the surrounding area. We've so enjoyed having a holiday home we're now on our fourth caravan having recently upgraded to a very modern one with gas heating and we just love it."

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