Cotswolds travel on test: our reader tests out a motorhome

Cotswolds travel on test: our reader tests out a motorhome

Why a motorhome?

Having experienced the delights of a VW Camper Van a few years ago, we were keen to try something a little more spacious and luxurious. A motorhome was the ideal choice.

What was travelling like?

We borrowed a 6-person vehicle, as we wanted enough room to bring along our dog. It was really spacious, well equipped (including bedding) and easy to drive, with a six-speed gearbox.

What facilities did it have?

Everything we have at home, including a gas cooker and oven, gas boiler which served the heating (handy on cold mornings) electric sockets and lights, pump-fed water to the sinks, and a flushing loo and shower! We were given a thorough pre-hire talk, so felt confident enough to operate it to its fullest potential. As well as the manual, there are always other motorhome owners on campsites ready to lend a hand and provide advice.

Where did you stay?

We visited the Cotswolds, staying just outside the mediaeval town of Tewkesbury. As a family of history buffs, we wanted to visit the beautiful Abbey, and see the site of the most decisive battle in the Wars of the Roses. It was surprisingly easy to drive the motorhome into town and park it. We also enjoyed river walks and followed the Battle Trail. There was also a vintage fair on in the town selling homemade produce and vintage goods.

What model did you stay in?

A Swift Lifestyle 686 suitable for six, although there are a range of sizes and specifications available. Prices start from £38,730 on the road. Visit to see the full Swift Group range.



  • Tewkesbury is just off the M5 between Worcester and Cheltenham. Kate camped for three nights at Croft Farm Waterpark, which cost £54 for electric hook-up. Call 01684 772321,
  • There are Swift Motorhome hire companies all over the UK, with prices ranging from £480-£800 a week, depending on season and model chosen. The model Kate borrowed is exclusively available from Marquis.
    Call free on 0800 026 7777 or visit
  • Fuel consumption was very reasonable, averaging 30mpg but this obviously depends on load, terrain, and the way the vehicle is driven.


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