Caravan owners save £80k on holidays

Almost one in every three UK holidays last year involved a caravan. The Caravan Club says bookings are up 14 per cent year-on-year, demonstrating that UK holidays show no sign of waning when compared to European and long-haul sunshine getaways.

Once bitten by the bug, caravanners claim the cost is more than balanced by how much they save in the long term over the price of non-caravan holidays.

Caravan costs versus The Costas

The lifespan of a caravan is around 20 years and the average price tag around £6,000 to £14,000 for both new and second-hand caravans. Compare this to the cost of a package holiday for a UK family of four taking a two-week break abroad which has an average cost of around £4,792 – and these figures highlight how, even at the top end of the scale, caravanners get a good deal, with a potential £80k saving over the lifetime of the caravan, says The Caravan Club.

When it comes to the highest concentration of caravan owners, The West Midlands hitches up the tow bar with more caravans and motorhomes per head of population than anywhere else in Britain

And our favourite place to pitch is the north-west seaside town of Southport, famous for its 22-mile-long coastline and historic pier. York, Bristol, Bakewell and Castleton, both in Derbyshire, also feature in the top five caravan hotspots.

Happy vanners

Caravanners are renowned as the happiest of holidaymakers because of the number of holidays they take every year. Thirty percent of caravanners spend 40 to 70 nights away in their caravan every year. Ane in five caravan holidays in the UK involves children and more than one in every three caravan holidays involves the family pet.

Come rain or shine

And even the famously inclement UK weather doesn’t put caravanners off – in fact, 40 per cent claim toenjoy the unpredictability of the British weather.

Harvey Alexander from The Caravan Club says: "There 's no better getaway, than arriving at a little known campsite and discovering a hidden gem. The fresh air and beautiful surroundings mean that this type of holiday can be the most rewarding for many people in this country."

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