B&B Wolsey Lodge Style Review

B&B Wolsey Lodge Style Review

A friendly, welcoming and ‘attention to detail' stay

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Product: www.wolseylodges.com
Price: £110.00
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Wolsey Lodges is the marketing organization behind a group of luxury private homes, all of which offer Bed & Breakfast - and in many cases also an evening meal - to paying guests.  No longer are they one of the best-kept secrets of the travelling cognoscenti; today they have some 140 different establishments in the group, stretching from Cornwall to the Highlands and with a number of properties in France’ so said the press statement when we were invited to stay at a member of  Wolsey Lodge, a B&B in Suffolk called Flindor Cottage.

As we are often invited to stay at hotels and spas, we felt like this was something a bit different to offer our readers in terms of a review and so snapped up the chance to give it a try. Could this new ethos for B&Bs live up to its’ statement above? Always having been a sceptic of B&Bs based on the less then positive experiences of my friends, I am happy to tell you most valued reader, that my stay at Flindor Cottage proved me wrong and Wolsey Lodges right…. let me explain why:

Just after gushing to my husband about the prettiness of Flindor Cottage and quintessentially Britishness of the quaint village in which it resides (Framsden, Suffolk) I was met by the owner of Flindor Cottage, Mark, who couldn’t have been more welcoming into his B&B home. Mark showed us the living areas for our stay including the dining area which was simply gorgeous (see image below) and then through to our room, inviting us to help ourselves to the complimentary tea, coffee, short bread (it looked homemade). This was a lovely start to our stay – very friendly and unassuming. We had paid a little extra to have a meal at the cottage, which was delicious -  both my husband and I concurring that after our near three hour journey to the cottage, was a more comfortable option than having to think about going out to eat.

After the meal, Mark told me how he had a couple also staying at the cottage while we were there and the husband had asked for extra flowers to be out in his room as a surprise for his wife. Mark obliged and the gentleman in question was delighted with what Mark had done. I asked Mark if this was a ‘standard’ thing for him to do and his response was that he was happy to accommodate any special requests from guests, including dietary requirements, which was good to know. Mark had also provided in our room some guides on things to do in Suffolk and he was happy to offer us any local knowledge questions we threw at him!

After a good night sleep and yummy breakfast, my husband and I were ready to leave Flindor Cottage and go exploring in Suffolk. As we shook hands with Mark, I thanked him for making us feel so welcome (his cottage really is beautiful inside and out) and for changing my mind of what B&Bs were like. On my way home, I found myself looking at a map of Wolsey Cottages dotted throughout the UK and France, thinking of which one we could stay in next!

If you would like a friendly, welcoming and ‘attention to detail’ stay then Wolsey Lodges certainly merits your consideration…..the convert has spoken!