Advice on baggage allowance and holiday packing

Advice on baggage allowance and holiday packing

Wondering what the baggage allowance is for a specific airline? Wonder no more!


Packing tips


  1. Rolling up your clothes will mean that not only are they taking up a lot less space but they will also be wrinkle free when you get to your destination. Make sure that you wear your heaviest items, such as jeans and trainers and keep all of the lighter items for your case.
  2. Pack things in your shoes, it may seem an obvious one but it will soon save you lots of space. Whether it’s delicate items you wish to protect or simply placing socks and underwear inside a shoe, this little trick is bound to save space by the end of your packing.
  3. It’s easy to get carried away when planning your travels and leaving packing to the last minute but plan in advance and you’ll thank yourself later. Ask yourself: What will the weather be like? (only a quick google search away) and how long will my items last me until I need to do my laundry? What do I need and what am I taking ‘just in case’? It’s better to leave behind anything you don’t think you will use and in the worst case scenario, buy that item at your destination. It’s better to have space in your luggage than to over pack – no one wants to pay excess baggage fees.

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