5 alternative romantic city breaks

Each year smitten couples spend thousands to achieve the perfect Valentine’s break, but with some simple swaps you can whisk your partner away without splashing the cash.

We compared accommodation at some of Europe’s romantic cities to charming alternatives with a much smaller price tag. The alternative locations provide a unique getaway without the same levels of crowds and the extortionate prices expected in locations such as Paris, Venice or Prague.

Prices are for four and five star hotels across the weekend of 10–12 February.

1. Swap Paris for Nantes

Paris is a magnet for lovebirds across the world, but staying in a five-star hotel can easily set you back well over £1,000, making the quaint city of Nantes a better option at around £485.

2. Swap Venice for Dresden

Navigating the waterways of Venice while gazing into your partner’s eyes might sound great, but five star accommodation alone will cost over £550. The cultured city of Dresden has its own pretty waterway, and it could be less than £150 to stay five star.

3. Swap Vienna for Turin

You may not know it, but the Italian city of Turin shares some striking similarities to the Austrian hotspot for lovers, Vienna. A big difference is that Turin’s accommodation is much more affordable at around £250, compared to an average cost of £590 to stay in Vienna.

4.  Swap Prague for Vilnius

The wonderful architecture of Prague pulls people all year round to its lively streets, but a five star hotel will cost around £640. Lithuania’s Vilnius is just as breathtaking and a lavish hotel is £188.84.

5.  Swap London for York

For couples not wanting to face flight expenses on top of accommodation, a UK location could be a solution. But a luxury stay in London will cost almost £700, while an equivalent stay in the pretty city of York will be about £260.

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