15 ways to save space in your suitcase

Upon returning from a city break, 15 per cent of holidaymakers admitted having to sit on their suitcase to zip it up. This might be why 22 per cent say they had to leave items at the hotel or airport to make room. To avoid this, Maxine Allen, a travel expert from Travel Republic, shares her niftiest tips to ensure you get the most out of limited luggage space.

  1. Pack heavy items at the base of your luggage, especially if you’re taking a ‘trolley style’ suitcase.
  2. Pack light coloured clothes inside out. This way you avoid any stains transferring from other items in your case. Also roll clothes rather than folding them to minimise creasing.
  3. Keep bras in shape by storing socks and other undergarments in the cup space.
  4. Use empty bottles to hide money – empty opaque sun cream bottles are great hiding places for money and other valuables.
  5. Avoid powder eye-shadow or pressed powder from cracking by using a layer of cotton wool to protect the delicate surface.
  6. Use a bulldog clip to protect your razor to avoid accidents when rummaging through your case.
  7. Pack everything you think you might need and then half it. You’ll probably end up wearing the same thing anyway, so pack smart and save space.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for free samples when buying full size bottles of a product. This is particularly good for perfume or aftershave, as these bottles tend to be bulky and heavy.
  9. Write a checklist - there’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination needing an essential item you’ve left on the coffee table – toothbrush, phone charger or travel adapter anyone?
  10. Leave space for shopping - If you’re planning to shop a little or a lot whilst you are away, then it’s worth remembering that you will have to bring it all back home. Be smart and leave some space for all the souvenirs.
  11. Threading a necklace through a drinking straw will protect it and keep tangle-free in your luggage.
  12. Forget packing full-size skincare products; decant a small amount into a contact lens case for a few days supply.
  13. Put your shoes in carrier bags or shower caps – this stops dirt from transferring to the rest of your clothes.
  14. Take a spare bag for your laundry – so you don’t mix dirty and clean clothes together.
  15. If you’re taking your favourite shampoo or shower gel with you, take off the lid, cover with cling film and replace the lid to help avoid any leaks in transit.
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