10 holiday swaps that will save you money

Going off the beaten track rather than flocking with the crowds to holiday hotspots could cut up to £100 off the year's holiday, according to PromotionalCodes.org.uk

The money-saving website compared the prices of a night's stay in four-star hotels across 20 different locations worldwide. It found cash-saving alternatives to popular tourist destinations  including swapping Barcelona for Valencia and The Canaries for The Gambia.

So whether you fancy an escape to the sun or a romantic city-break,  check out these alternatives so you know where you'll splurge and where you'll save:

1. For a historic trip: Athens versus Dubrovnik

ATHENS: £175 per night

DUBROVNIK: £109 per night

If you're looking a cultural getaway, ditch Greece and try going to Croatia. Dubrovnik's city walls are perfect for those looking to delve into the past and you can hop over the Dalmatian coast's beautiful islands for some sun and sand.

2. For the lap of luxury: Dubai versus Oman

DUBAI: £208 per night

OMAN: £137 per night

If the mystique of the Middle East is drawing you in but you're strapped for cash, give Oman a try instead. This Middle Eastern gem is just 350 miles away from Dubai but offers rich heritage and gorgeous hotels for a fraction of the price of its expensive counterpart.

3. For a pretty city break: Vienna versus Budapest

VIENNA: £165 per night

BUDAPEST: £119 per night

If mooching around art galleries and soaking in the sights is your thing, ditch the Austrian capital and head southeast to Budapest. This Hungarian city has been up and coming in the past few years as the hottest new destination in Europe – get there while the prices are still low.

4. For a beach holiday: The Canary Islands versus The Gambia

CANARY ISLANDS: £131 per night

THE GAMBIA: £89 per night

For a holiday that's relaxing and easy on your wallet, swap the Canary Islands for Gambia, West Africa. It is the continent's smallest country but its beaches are perfect for lazy package holidays. For the sake of a longer flight,you might be thankful.

5. For a romantic break: Rome versus Nimes

ROME: £168 per night

NIMES: £74 per night

Whisk your loved one away for a romantic trip to Nimes in the South of France and save money while you're at it. It's a perfect way to fake the Italian capital due to the city's collection of Roman buildings. It even has a huge amphitheatre that could be mistaken for the Coliseum.

6. For a Spanish vacation: Barcelona versus Valencia

BARCELONA: £188 per night

VALENCIA: £82 per night

To avoid the sky-high prices of Barcelona, try jetting off to Valencia instead. The city is rich with history as well as having a world-class aquarium and zoo.

7. For a Portuguese getaway: Lisbon versus Porto

LISBON: £212 per night

PORTO: £173 per night

You can save on average around £50 is you choose to holiday away from a country's capital and this is great example. Porto is Portugal's second largest city and is home to port wine.

8. For a beer break: Munich versus Prague

MUNICH: £160 per night

PRAGUE: £120 per night

Whilst Munich plays host to the infamous Oktoberfest, those looking to save a few pounds would be better off visiting the Czech Republic capital. It has an illustrious brewing history along with the bonus that a pint in Prague is cheaper than a bottle of water.

9. For adventure seekers: Interlaken versus Bled

INTERLAKEN: £244 per night

BLED: £118 per night

Along with the snow-capped alps in Switzerland comes the strong Swiss franc making it a consistently expensive vacation spot. For an adrenaline rush without the high bill head to Slovenia. The country is so tiny you can travel around but Lake Bled offers rafting, canyoning, hiking and more.

10. For an Eastern European break: Krakow versus Dubrovnik

KRAKOW: £110 per night

WARSAW: £65 per night

For fascinating museums and Polish cuisine, give Warsaw a try. Warsaw is bigger than Krakow too so works well if you have a few days to spend over there.

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