'Thriller Live is a thrilling tribute to the King of Pop'

'Thriller Live is a thrilling tribute to the King of Pop'

From those falsetto tones of Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys to the toe-tapping beats of the Kinks in new show, Sunny Afternoon, the West End is alive with the sound of our favourite stars from the past right now. After all, there's nothing quite like remembering the songs you once boogied along to till the early hours when you were younger!

And Michael Jackson rightly forms part of this musical hall of fame that's spotted around London's theatre land in the hit show, Thriller Live, that's now enjoying its 6th year.

From the first moment a sweet-voiced little boy arrived on our screens with his brothers telling us it was all just as easy as ABC 123, to his moonwalking superstardom days, the show takes you on a musical trip of Michael Jackson's life.

But, unlike other jukebox shows you might have seen, like Mamma Mia, there isn't any actual storyline or characters as such. This won't suit everyone and it can make the show seem a bit hap-hazardly organised and the back-to-back tunes relentless, but if it's the music and the boogying you're really after, then you won't be disappointed.

Instead, the cast talk us through the genius of the man himself and celebrate his incredible contribution to the world of music (to the extent that I have to confess I was blushing for him!) before introducing all of his big numbers from the quietly powerful Man in the Mirror through to the electric Smooth Criminal.

The songs are matched with some show-stopping dances that captures the real groove of Jackson. You're even required to get on your feet to try out your own dance moves part way through the first half!

The man with all the moves (magical moonwalk and all), though, is David Jordan, who aside from looking just like the King of Pop himself onstage, also delivers number after number that truly take your breath away. Sharp, smooth and brimming with sass, he will certainly get your heart racing and your feet itching to move, especially at the end when we're treated to a medley of the very best tunes in one glitzy Jackson gorge.

Whilst it does have some damp spots in parts, Thriller Live on the whole sizzles, making you completely forget the drizzly winter weather outside and revel in the uplifting music that made Michael Jackson such a star.

Thriller Live is at the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue. You can find out more about the show and book your tickets here.