5 of the best places to do something daring this summer

5 of the best places to do something daring this summer

Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding has recently taken off as a popular sport that sits somewhere between body boarding and rowing. Kneeling or standing you row your way through the water in what's a terrific full body work-out.

Bembridge Coast Hotel in the Isle of Wight has a great beginner's course, designed for if you're over 50. The paddle boarding lasts 90 minutes and costs £30pp with the nstructor and all the equipment included in the price.


Be a hamster in a giant wheel for an afternoon as you try out the latest craze of zorbing. You can have a go on water or on land and it's great fun for a giggle with friends. It's also a great exercise for your legs and testing out your balance.

You can give it a try at Cricket St. Thomas Hotel, Somerset for no extra cost when you book a Warners break there.

Rifle shooting

Want to try your hand as the next Annie Oakley? Rifle shooting is a fun activity to try with a group of friends and is a good one for testing out your nerve.

Give it a shot at Holme Lacy House Hotel in Herefordshire.


Give Robin Hood a run for his money this summer by getting behind the bow and arrow yourself. Archery is great for strengthening your upper body and training up your co-ordination. It's also great fun seeing if you can hit the target.

Lakeside Coastal Village in Hampshire will give you a relaxed introduction to the sport in the hotel's grounds.


This adrenaline-fuelled sport isn't all about dangling off sheer cliff faces– although it can be if you're a real thrill seeker. For a more gentle introduction, you can try abseiling down a building for a touch of daring that still feels safe.

From next summer, Thorseby Hall in Nottinghamshire will be offering abseiling activities for £50. So watch this space!