Looking for someone special? YOURS can help!

Looking for someone special? YOURS can help!

 Yours Dating is free to register so you can have a look around and decide whether it's for you or not, before you commit... it couldn't be easier!

Why Join Yours Dating?

It’s not always easy to find people you can connect with when you’re looking for love or companionship a little later in life. That’s why we created Yours Dating, a website dedicated to helping you find that special someone in a safe and secure environment. Whether you’re single, divorced or widowed we can help you find like-minded people to connect with.

Our site is easy to use, and has a friendly UK based customer care team waiting to answer any of your questions. Whether you need help writing your profile or uploading that perfect picture, simply call 0800 033 4053.

It’s Fun!
Yes, you heard right, online dating is fun! You can meet interesting people and fill up that social calendar!

It’s Convenient
With such busy lifestyles trying to accommodate work and family commitments, finding time to meet new people can be difficult. With online dating, morning, afternoon or evening; you can create your profile, browse potential partners and chat with new people.

It’s Positive
If you’ve had a difficult time with relationships in the past, then online dating is a positive step towards finding the partner that you want and deserve. It’s about finding someone to enjoy your time with and share your interests with, and with so many people signed-up there is no reason to settle for anything that doesn’t feel right.

Dating is no longer about the destination, but the journey. Enjoy meeting new people and enjoy the excitement that those first dates bring!

…and it comes with a whole community of supporters…

Every day we help hundreds of people just like you find someone special. With a team on hand to answer your queries, we offer exceptional customer care every step of the way. We also actively encourage those who have had successes to get in touch, so that we can share their wonderful stories with you.

Why don’t you give it a try? Once you’ve made that first step, you won’t regret it!

To start this new and exciting chapter in your love life visit Yours Dating today >>