You're never too old to find love!

You're never too old to find love!

You're never too old to find love, as our Dating Dilemmas experts prove...

Dating dilemmas: we answer your questions about dating over 50

Each week we’ll be answering your dating questions.

This week…

Am I too old to find love again?

Recently we spoke to a lady who was wondering if she was too old to find love after losing a partner. We wanted to share our thoughts to help those who could be feeling the same.

“I am 60 years old and my dear husband passed two years ago. I would like to start dating again and meet someone who has the same  passions as me and who is being family-oriented too.

Could I find someone – perhaps someone who has been widowed – or am I seeking the impossible at my age? At 60 is it too late to be dating? I feel a little embarrassed."

Our advice

You aren’t seeking the impossible. People older than 60 find love, we assure you – just take a read of our case studies.  

Online dating is a great option because it give you’re the opportunity to tell people a little about yourself and express what you’re looking for – therefore avoiding wasting time chatting to only find they live too far away, or they don’t have similar interests, etc. So many people these days do find others this way. 

Give it a try for free, take your time and read our helpful hints and tips for more information.  

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