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What's the secret to a long-lasting relationship?

LoveBauer Xcellove, love month
What's the secret to a long-lasting relationship?

Holding hands into old age, laughing at your partner’s jokes even when you don’t find them funny and knowing when to bite your tongue — that’s true love, according to those who’ve experienced it the longest.

A study of 2,000 over 50’s explored the elements of long-lasting love to unveil 50 signs of the real thing- from building a home together to not being afraid to show vulnerability high on the list.

Kissing at least seven times a week was critical to keeping the fire burning year after year, while saying ‘I love you’ at least nine times a week was also integral to long-term happiness, results showed.

Encouraging silliness in one another, learning to get along with the in-laws and avoiding jealousy if the other person spends time with the opposite sex were also deemed key factors in cementing a long-lasting love.

News broadcaster, Jennie Bond, who's been married for more than 40 years, shares her top tips for a long and happy relationship:

The research, commissioned by, found that on average love blossoms four and a half months into a new relationship. Only nine per cent believe in love at first sight, but just under half of those polled went as far as to say they believed in the concept of ‘the one’ when it comes to romance.

But love doesn’t always come easily and over half (56 per cent) feel they don’t fall in love easily. 49 per cent of Brits said they would choose falling in love over winning the lottery, results showed – although more than a quarter (29 per cent) would rather take the cash.
And it seems love only blossoms with age. Nearly a quarter of those retired said the best thing about not having to work was getting spend quality time with the person they loved. And two thirds thought love definitely gets stronger with age, just one in 12 per cent thinking otherwise.

The Over 50s Top 50 Secrets To Lasting Love

  1. Supporting each other through tough times
  2. Building a home together
  3. Not taking each other for granted
  4. Missing your partner when they are away
  5. Remembering the little things
  6. Not being afraid to show weakness
  7. Being ‘in tune’ with each other
  8. When you can comfortably sit in silence
  9. Agreeing to disagree sometimes
  10. Knowing when something is wrong
  11. Holding hands while in your fifties and later
  12. Wanting them to let you know they arrived safely after a long journey
  13. Being able to confide in them about anything
  14. Valuing your partner’s needs over your own
  15. Laughing at each other’s jokes – even if not funny
  16. Going for a long walk together
  17. Worrying for their safety when they go away
  18. Making tea/coffee for each other
  19. Feeling comfortable discussing medical or health issues
  20. Remembering life is for living
  21. Encouraging your partner in their career
  22. Supporting each other when parenting
  23. Not having to dress to impress them
  24. Knowing when to bite your tongue
  25. Having adventures together
  26. Suffering no embarrassment at total nudity with each other
  27. Encouraging silliness in each other
  28. Arranging surprise breaks away
  29. Cooking a nice mid-week dinner
  30. Feeling a sense of pride at how your partner conducts themselves
  31. Sitting through television/films you hate but partner likes
  32. Being able to insult them without them taking it personally
  33. Tidying up after yourself
  34. Getting on with your in-laws no matter how difficult
  35. Bringing home food (or cake) without being asked
  36. Sharing your last Rolo
  37. Being able to talk absolute gibberish
  38. Not minding them looking at other men/women
  39. Not being grossed out/ put off by anything they do
  40. Recording your favourite programme for you
  41. Admitting when you’re rubbish at DIY
  42. Finishing each other’s sentences
  43. Knowing what to order at the bar without asking
  44. Boasting to other people about your partner’s achievements
  45. Giving your partner control of the television
  46. Watching soaps together
  47. Getting up early to sort out the kids
  48. Getting nice presents especially jewellery
  49. Liking each other’s’ friends
  50. Hating the same things