Things you should know about dating over 50

Things you should know about dating over 50

Trying online dating in later life might seem complicated, but it isn't really - just keep these in mind...

Your matches may have been married before

You are who you are because of everything you’ve seen, done and been though in the past and that could well mean marriage. Don’t let your past relationships, or theirs – however they turned out – put you off starting afresh with someone new.

Your date might have lost a partner

It can be hard to navigate a new relationship, but time can, if nothing else makes us patient. We know that life’s losses can make us stronger and even more willing to grasp life. Find out how some of our readers found love again here.

Your date might have children from other relationships

It can be difficult knowing how to introduce a new partner to our children or loved ones when we’ve been divorced or widowed. Don’t let your former life interrupt your new one – the decision to move on and date again should be yours and yours alone. Hopefully your children - and theirs - will be supportive of the fact that you’re happy again in a new relationship.

Your combined experience will mean you’ll both have some stories

You’ve lived before, done some amazing things and learned a whole lot of lessons along the way, and so has your new love interest so there will be plenty to share and plenty to find out. Just remember to enjoy every minute!

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