Online dating websites: how to find your perfect match

Online dating websites: how to find your perfect match

Online dating websites are a wonderful way to meet a prospective partner, but sometimes it can feel difficult to know where to start.

Once you join Yours Dating you can browse our latest members or search based on age, location, or by characteristics and interests.

We recommend not restricting your search criteria too much because a lot of us fall into the trap of pigeon-holing people into categories, depending on their interests, age and height, which can affect your chances of meeting someone special.

While it's understandable you might not want a partner who lives 200 miles away, characteristics such as being at least 6ft tall, or being a dog lover, really shouldn't make or break a relationship at this early stage.

To help you search closer to where you live, don't forget to use the filtering options. We've done the hard work for you making it simple to search(for example, Manchester) and filtering those by who we think match your criteria.

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