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10 places to find love offline

LoveBauer Xcellove, romance
10 places to find love offline

Just because you’re single this Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to be part of the lonely hearts club.  As Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year, it’s a great opportunity to go out and meet new people in your local area, whether you're looking for friendship, fun, or something a little more serious.

While online dating can be a great way to meet singles, getting out and about means you can meet new people whilst you get active, have a good time and potentially discover something completely different. Here are ten of the best places to seek out the Valentine's weekend for a chance to meet someone new:

1. Your local supermarket or corner shop

This might sound a little strange, but if you think about it, everyone needs to buy food and eat. Try to make more of an effort to smile and make eye contact as you walk down your favourite aisle- you never know who you might meet there.

It also came out in the news this week that the most successful chat-up line of all time is "Have you tried that kind of apple before?" It's simple, unassuming and friendly- it might be worth a try next time you're in the fruit and veg aisle.

2. The gym or an exercise class

If you are into keeping fit, or at least thinking about it, the gym or a fitness class is a great starting point.  And here there's an easy common ground between you and other people you can use to strike up conversation.

You could ask them if they come here often, what sort of exercise they like, if it's a New Year's resolution for them to get fit, for example. And if you don't think the conversation's working, there's always the excuse that the class is over you're too tired and going home, so it shouldn't be awkward.

3. Walking the dog

If you have a dog or know a friend with a dog, take advantage of daily walks as it can be a great place to meet fellow dog owners (who might just also be single). Owning a dog is a great mutual interest and makes it much easier to strike up conversations and arrange dog walking dates and meet ups.

4. At the coffee shop

If you love nothing better than reading your Sunday papers over a coffee why not do it at your local coffee shop? Many people use coffee shops to read, do a crossword or just get a change of scenery so don’t worry about showing up alone. You never know who your eyes could fall upon while ordering your latte.

5. Volunteering

If there are any charities you feel passionate about, why not volunteer? Helping out an organisation, group or community for a few hours a week will help you feel great, do a bit of good and it's a much less pressurised way to make new friends, acquaintances and who knows… Read our guide to taking up volunteering here.

6. Taking up a course

Taking a course or advanced class can be a great way to widen your social network and learn a brand new skill. Whether it's a photography class, acting lessons, painting or accounting course, doing something you’re interested in and learning about can often help you create a great bond with someone you’ve just met.

7. Single's holidays

If you’re still thinking of where to book for your Easter or summer break, have you ever thought of a single’s holiday? Travelling alone doesn't have to be intimidating and there are loads of holidays and cruises specifically for people over 50, geared to encouraging romance somewhere warm, relaxing and exotic.

At Yours Live VIP this Easter, we've got lots of activities in which you can meet new people and dedicated events for those who come on their own. You can find out more here.

8. Dance classes

Social dancing like Latin, ballroom and swing are a great way to meet people with all different levels of skill and experience- and have a chance to pretend you're in Strictly Come Dancing! Taking up dance classes means you’re actively encouraged to talk to strangers, take them in your arms and break the ice in a fun environment.

9. Art exhibition or museum

If you fancy a bit of culture, why not visit your local art gallery or museum? Gallery opening nights, exhibitions and art museums are good places to begin where you have more potential to meet other like-minded people who share your interests in arts and culture.

10. A book club

If you're a real book worm and can't resist a good page-turner, joining a book club can be a really great idea. Here you can meet a group of people who have the same passion as you and it’s a much easier way to find a spark and talk endlessly around a subject area or genre you both have opinions on.

Tips from Endsleigh.

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