Yours reader sets up website to help long-lost friends reconnect

Yours reader sets up website to help long-lost friends reconnect

Lost touch with friends or relatives from years ago?

That's exactly what happened to Yours reader Ray. He went travelling in the mid 1970s with a friend, but the only details he can remember are that his name was Brian, he used to drink in the Boundary pub, and he was from Melbourne, Australia. 

Following early attempts at a search, Ray realised it was very difficult to trace anyone without a full name, or more specific details - which is how his idea for Find Brian came about.

The Find Brian website allows you to search with key words, rather than more concrete search terms, for example "1980s", "beach bar", "Corfu" and so on. Better still, it's FREE to register.

The site is also designed so that you may end up contacting someone who knows the person you're looking for, by way of shared stories or memories of that person. So if you can't find the individual in question, that might not necessarily be the end of your search.

Messages are sent privately, and are not visible to Joe Public. Only what you want to become public knowledge will be shared as such.

Ray is still looking for his Brian, but he hopes that through his website you might find your own Brian*, too.

Start your journey by visiting

*Your friend does not have to be named Brian!

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