Come and join us for forum chat on Facebook

Come and join us for forum chat on Facebook

Welcome to this brand new website!

We know the members are a wonderful, strong community of friends so, to help you to carry on sharing and supporting each other, we’ve created a ‘closed’ Facebook group especially for our forum members.

Although this will mean that you will have to join Facebook (if you’re not already a member you can find out how to do that here) the creation of a ‘closed’ group means that it’s a really safe and secure environment because only other members of the group can see what’s being posted.

You will have to ask to be added as a member of the group and if (in the unlikely event) there are any problems with a member we can remove them from the group.

We realise it’s disappointing not to be able to carry on with the Yours forum in its current form but by using our Facebook group you can all stay in touch with the amazing friends you’ve made over the years on I really hope you’ll join us.

Click on the link to ask to be added to the Facebook Meeting Place group where you'll find lots of your old friends already chatting away.

If you’d rather not join Facebook make sure you sign up for the Yours Newsletter here – so we can keep in touch and let you know all the latest news from