Have a best friend? That'll cost you £23,870

With the average friendship lasting 20 years it will set Brits back £7,910 and over a lifetime having a best friend costs £23,870, according to new research from TopCashback.co.uk.                    

During a lifespan, Brits spend an average of £4,679 on birthday presents for their closest mate, including splashing out on the big ones. A third (33 per cent) of people say they have really gone to town on their friend’s special birthdays. But it doesn't stop there as life-milestones also leave pockets empty.

When a chum decides to set up home, we’ll shell out £127 on housewarming gifts and helping them move. Weddings and children are even more costly; a whopping £431 is spent on a celebrating closest friend’s nuptials and £283 when they have a child.
The survey of more than 2,000 UK adults found that other expenditures include helping a pal through break-ups (£168) and small gifts to show them how much they are appreciated (£242).
Separating for university, work or families, friends are scattered across the country or even the world. With an average annual travel cost of £276, this could mean Brits face spending up to £17,940 on keeping a friendship going.
The research also reveals that more than half (54 per cent) of Brits have up to three best friends, meaning it could cost up to £71,610 to maintain close friendships over a lifetime.
It seems Brits are happy to fork out for their buddies with 85 per cent saying their friendships are worth more than the money they have.